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Meet The
Fish Witch Crew

Captain Carl Snow

Captain Carl S. Snow, Jr. is a well known Captain along the East Coast. He is highly respected by the fishing community and his clients, and he is known for his integrity, hard work, love of children, and professionalism. After spending his childhood both in the North Carolina mountains and in Kure Beach, there is no doubt Carl knew he was a man of the sea. In 1959, on his 18th birthday he drove straight through the night to Pleasure Island. He began ferrying boats to Bald Head Island while attending UNCW. After serving in the USCG, he returned to his home, bought his first charter boat, a twin outboard, and Fish Witch Charters began running trips out of Carolina Beach Marina. Over the last 58 years, Captain Carl Snow is near legend in the fishing community for his hard work, extensive knowledge, and of course, for putting the fish on the dock, but also for his influence on so many other current Captains who have mated or worked with him at some point in their career and are now running boats all over the world.

Captain Shane Snow

Captain Shane Snow started working on his Dad's boat commercial and charter fishing as soon as he could stand up and hold a rod and reel in his hand. Mentored his entire life by the very best to have the highest standards and work ethic and having the salt life in his blood, Shane is also recognized in the fishing community as a prominent Captain. At the age of 6, his parents gave him 25? Crap pots to start his first business. Shane was not an ordinary kid, and during middle and high school, he was running 125? Crab pots before school, cleaning charter boats, commercial and charter fishing, and mating on the Winner Party boats. At the age of 18, he sold his crab business, which had grown tremendously, and bought his first charter boat, the SS Fish Witch. In 2017, Shane bought and started running the SS Fish With II, adding a third boat to the Fish Witch fleet.

Captain Carl and Captain Shane are known for filling the fish box and delivering the experience of a lifetime to their clients! They both have a passion and love for the sea, putting the fish on the dock, and delivering an experience of a lifetime with their customers and especially young anglers!

Missy Snow

When making reservations, you may be lucky enough to talk to Carl's wife of 40 years, Missy. Missy is the mermaid that handles the details while the Captains are offshore. She has 40 years of experience in the industry as well and is an excellent fisherwoman herself! Carl and Missy traveled the Cominican Republic for several years running a corporate yahcht. When they returned to Carolina Beach, Missy started what came to be an icon fish market in the early 1970's, Missy's Messy Market, which used to be located at the Scotchman proeprty across from the docks which Michael Jordon was known to make special trips to visit when in town. In the early 1980's, she sold the business to focus on raising a little Captain, and has been booking charters and fishing for over 40 years. Missy can answer any questions you have about charter trips and fishing!

Fish We Catch

  • Spanish Mackerel
  • King Mackerel
  • Barracuda
  • Little Tuna
  • Shark
  • Amberjack
  • Sea Bass
  • Snapper
  • Grouper
  • Trout
  • Yellow Fin
  • Black Fin Tuna
  • Wahoo
  • Mahi-Mahi
  • Billfish

Missy's Fish