Head Mermaid

When making reservations, you may be lucky enough to talk to Carl’s wife of 40 years, Missy. Missy is the mermaid that handles the details while the Captains are offshore. She has 40 years of experience in the industry as well and is an excellent fisherwoman herself! Carl and Missy traveled the Dominican Republic for several years running a corporate yacht. When they returned to Carolina Beach, Missy started what came to be an icon fish market in the early 1970’s, Missy’s Messy Market, which used to be located at the Scotchman property across from the docks which Michael Jordan was known to make special trips to visit when in town. In the early 1980’s, she sold the business to focus on raising a little Captain, and has been booking charters and fishing for over 40 years. Missy can answer any questions you have about charter trips and fishing!